7 Things you need to know before you go thrifting!

If this is your first time thrift shopping, there are rules to this. Even I've learned a few things.

 So you don't get overwhelmed, here are 7 tips to take with you when you walk out the door.


1. No Kids Allowed (Optional)

  Thrifting is already a job in itself. So we need to optimize our time looking for good quality pieces (not our kids). If you can bring a friend with you, "Great". This will help both of you because you have someone to bounce ideas back in forth with. Divide and conquer I always say. Don't worry if your thrifting alone. There are more tips for you to get the most out of thrift shopping.


2. Check for good quality

  Good quality is best for longevity. You want to buy pieces to keep in your wardrobe for a while. At least until your next thrifting adventure. Quality is also important when it comes down to Refashion and/or alterations. I'll talk more about Refashion and alterations later on this week.


3. Keep your eye out for name brands items

It's super trendy to wear vintage brand name items. Urban outfitters currently have vintage name brands going for $80 dollars. I know... crazy right. My local thrift store......$5 bucks. "Even Crazier"


4. Shop in all sections

Shopping in all sections gives you more variety. If it's too... big alter it. If it's too small add fabric. This is what I like to call "Refashion". I've been working on a few pieces myself and I can't wait to show you guys.


5. Shop "out of season" clothes

 Shop for summer in the winter and vice versa. The clothes tend to be much cheaper.


6. Ask about sales or "Color of the day"

 Most thrift stores have sales throughout the week on top of the low prices. Some stores refer to it as "The color of the day". Meaning all the tags that are in a certain color are marked down by a percentage. Which is amazing for that tight budget we have.


7. Budget

 Having a budget is always good especially when thrifting. You can easily go over budget because everything is so affordable. Just like going into Wal-Mart for 2 items but still leave spending at least 60 bucks. Also make sure you have an idea of what you want. Look up people who inspire you to look your best and go with the flow.